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About Me

When it comes to your health and overall well-being, it’s important to have a knowledgeable professional you can turn to. Over the years, I’ve provided counseling and psychological services to clients throughout the Liberty County area. My expertise covers a broad spectrum of mental health services, and I’m happy to share my experience and qualifications. As a leading therapist my experience expands a number of specialty areas, including working with individuals, families and groups. In addition, I specialize in working with military families. The health and well-being of our military families is paramount.  While I provide counseling services I am also an active community Church member. In this capacity I have connected with community church leaders and pastors to provide consulting services on the intersectionality between mental health and spirituality.

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My Background 


I attended school at Savannah State College with a Bachelor of Social Work in 1996. Later, I earned a M.Ed in Counselor Education from Georgia Southern University in 2001. More recently, I earned a Master of Social Work degree from Savannah State University in 2016.


Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive Behavior Therapy


Couples Counseling, Individual Counseling,

Masters Addiction Counseling Working with Military, Families Christian Counseling- focus on the intersectionality between mental health and spirituality

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My Approach


Spirituality is a part of my approach as I believe it offers meaning beyond what we see. Therefore, I believe your view impacts how you see others and the world and how you perceive others see you. Also, spirituality is an agent of inner peace, forgiveness, compassion and harmony.


I employ a transformative approach to counseling as I highlight the role of thoughts and beliefs in limiting progress. This approach helps individuals learn to transcend limitations and reach beyond challenges in life. The focus is on personal growth.


Compassion is a vital part of my practice as I believe it is significant to provide direct services. I also believe compassion is what drives the care needed in helping professions. Dalai Lama stated: If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

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